In-store music can be critical to sales success – 60 percent of shoppers admit they’ve left a retail store because of the music. For high street brands at the  frontline of consumer interaction, it’s crucial to get the retail environment right. Sometimes there’s a simple solution – avoiding looped music will enhance staff mood and have a positive knock-on effect on customers.

But music also plays a major role in the individual experience of a consumer in-store – with the capability of making or breaking a sale.  Get your playlist wrong and the cost of lost customers  could be measured in thousands. Applying our sound insight to the retail playlists of several major high street outlets has seen customer ‘linger’ factor increase by 17 percent resulting in a rise in sales.

“Thank you so much for the music suggestions. You understood the brief perfectly and the tracks are absolutely perfect” Stacey Semel, Photo Shoot Production Manager, Burberry

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