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Ruth Simmons – Managing Director
Upon graduating as a scientist, Ruth decided to do a U turn in her career as a teacher and become a music consultant. For over 25 years, she has been constantly looking at ways to use music in advertising and marketing. A professional speaker and an acknowledged commentator on the art and science of music, she was nominated as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of her “out of the box” thinking about the ‘sound of the brand’.






Thomas Wright – Operations Manager
Apart from his extraordinary tube map knowledge, he is also known for an amazing ability to recognise and remember everyone as they call, keeping things together, having a laugh and some extremely colourful language.








Brian Kelly – Creative Director
Brian was born in Dublin when life was grim, but people were happy. He is now living in London where people are grim, but life is happy. He has worked with sound for most of his life and now endeavours to direct in a creative manner.







Daniel Payne – Rights Manager
Dan began as a scruffy A&R scout for Universal Music, before moving on to Zomba Publishing and Jive Records. He eventually worked with 365 Artist Management and ran Twenty-One studios. In the interval, he has becoming a much snappier dresser.







Steve Strum – Financial Director
Steve has spent the last 16 years keeping his eye on the books at soundlounge. He loves golf and was re-elected Captain for the second time last year. He has also played Tiger Woods and beat him – unfortunately it was only on Playstation.







Sam Nicholson – Creative Manager
Sam decided to make his way in the media industry after having been scared away from university after three weeks by the prospect of actually writing an essay. Through blind persistence and a little bit of luck Sam found himself at soundlounge. He can be found wandering the streets of Clapham in search of a decent music venue (so far nothing) and surviving on the local fried pigeon and chips.